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About the Management

The Management – Dedicated to Promoting Excellence in Higher Education

‘Agrawal Jatiya Shiksha Parishad’ the parent body of Allahabad Degree College was established in 1910 by Late Sri Kashinath Ji Agrawal a core nationalist and victim of atrocious behaviour of the colonial rule. The famous book ‘Bharat Mein Angreji Raj’ written by the great freedom fighter Pt. Sundar Lal was printed at the printing press of Sri Kashinath Ji Agrawal at Allahabad. The book was immediately banned and the available copies of the book were seized.  The property and press of Sri Kashinath Ji Agrawal was ransacked and destroyed. Sri Kashinath Ji Agrawal was forced by the circumstances to be disrooted from Allahabad and his brother was brutally hanged by the Britishers for being brother of Sri Kashinath Ji Agrawal. Sri Kashinath Ji Agrawal was a powerful spokesman of education for common man (Aam Adami) to inject the competence among them. He firmly believed that education is the most powerful and productive asset. Education is a most powerful liberating force as well as a democratizing force cutting across the various bondages. Accordingly a school Agrawal Vidyalaya was established by him in 1910, at Allahabad, the year of the beginning of the popularization of Primary Education for the masses at National level and was upgraded to present AllahabadInterCollege and further on to AllahabadDegreeCollege in 1956 as an AssociatedCollege of the University of Allahabad. The Management of the College, democratic in structure and nature, draws inspiration and guiding-force from the effective ideology and desire of Late Sri Kashinath Ji Agrawal, the founder of the institution. It is an educational institution launched and nourished by the community as a whole with a sense of social obligation for Nation building. The objective of the Management is to provide low cast, high standard modern higher education, affordable equally to the students of economically marginal. The Office Bearers are elected democratically from amongst members of Agrawal Jatiya Shiksha Parishad. The Honorary Office Bearers and Members of the Governing Body with a sense of social duty, devote their time and energy in efficient building and development of the College.

            A number of intellectuals, jurist, freedom fighters and social reformers of the society have rendered their valuable services voluntarily to strengthen the College. In the lineage it is pious duty to remember the contributions of Deputy Mayor of Allahabad, Advocate Hon. Late Sri Shambhu Nath Ji Agrawal, a close associate of Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji and Smt. Indira Gandhi Ji. As a silent self-decided commitment of Jeevan Daan to the College, leaving aside his health, family, political career and roaring legal practice, he devoted the major portion of his life, energy and capability for the betterment of the College. The Society owes his personnel sacrifices and contributions. Presently to fulfil the requirements of Allahabad University a Governing Body  has been constituted from among the members of the Agrawal Jatiya Shiksha Parishad. It is the apex body responsible for policy decision and their implementation.