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Vision and Mission


            Rebuilding the City and the Country as a whole in terms of knowledge in multiple disciplines of social sciences, economics, law, science and Management, with the aid of best practices, qualified teachers, teaching aids and infrastructure under the academic leadership of the University of Allahabad, in a broad framework of National Policy on Higher Education and Indian ethos.


            India is a country of vast population, diverse culture, multiple religion, varied languages and large territory. Multiplicity of approach in building a free, developed India has always been in the mind and soul of founders of Indian Republic.

            Attaining to this dream and taking the Country to the height of an ever new pedestal, making available the higher education for those who are capable to inculcate knowledge but may not be socially positioned to achieve it. Equality of opportunity to all deserving young generation, male and female, may be offered with UG, PG, Research, Professional Courses and programmes aimed at vocational training.